Zombie Mission 8 is a cooperative zombie-fighting adventure. Are you prepared to join a game with numerous unexpected obstacles? With the background zombie, the Martian colony is being invaded. You will play as an astronaut on Mars who must rescue scientists who are stuck. Kill the terrified zombies, complete the levels, and attempt to survive until the end.

Make intelligent use of weapons and vehicles to maximize your ability to kill zombies. Don't forget to pick up ammo or improve your weapons along the route. The meteor showers are extremely hazardous, so evade them and seek shelter in the shield cabin. Remember to keep yourself and your teammates safe at all times. Let us now fight together!


How To Play

Player 1

  • Move: W,A,S,D
  • Hit: F
  • Grenade: G
  • Jump: W
  • Switch weapon: Q-E

Player 2

  • Move: ARROW KEYS
  • Hit: L
  • Grenade: K
  • Jump: UP ARROW KEY 
  • Switch weapon: O-P
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